It will come as no surprise that painting and drawing has been my life-long interest and passion.  Being entirely self-taught I have had to learn by experimentation, but after decades of practice I have evolved a flexible and personal style that can be adapted to a wide variety of situations. Having initially worked in watercolour and oils, my focus changed when I was given an expensive boxed set of 72 pastels.  Initially daunted by such a gift I took my first tentative steps into the medium and was immediately hooked. 


That was some thirty years ago and since then the majority of my output has been in pastel in one form or another, from pure pastel to pastels worked over watercolour or acrylics and pastel screen prints.  For many years my favoured papers were in the Canson Mi-teintes range but in recent years I have explored working on Sennelier and Pastelmat card, Fisher art paper and mountboard prepared with gesso.  The choice of paper depends entirely on the effect I aim to achieve and is a vital piece of decision-making in the path towards a successful painting. 


Over the years my subject matter has been mostly landscape, focusing on the Cotswolds and urban and village scenes in and around Oxfordshire, where I now live.  My travels have also proved a rich source of inspiration resulting in paintings of France, Italy, Iceland, Morocco, Nepal and the USA.  Even though the locations may vary my chief goals remain the same – to capture the moment and to endow the image with a sense of place and atmosphere.  Commissions have resulted in paintings of houses and gardens, from the humble to the grand, cricket club grounds and sporting scenes, along with more abstract work for business premises. 


Whatever the subject, I am always seeking out an individual approach and fresh interpretation.



I welcome commssions of all types.  If you have a favourite photograph or view that you would like me to convert into a pastel painting, just contact me.